The Unwritten Blog – Jennifer


Eight months down and only one left to go of my community phase of the OceanPath Fellowship. So much learning, so many stories, so many successes and so many disappointments. And yet not one blog entry.

When the idea of the blog surfaced in August, I was really excited to take part in it. When it went live, I had the perfect blog entry that I was keen to share with the world; but it was too political, should anyone from my sensitive environment discover it. Later I had a second blog idea, but I decided it was too personal to share. I used these two rationales for a while – too political or too personal – to excuse myself from writing on the blog.

However, a few months into the fellowship, I realized I had completed many blog entries. I had just never written them down. I realized that yes, some were too political and some were too personal, but those were only to reasons for not having written on the blog yet. The main reason is because when I have these great thoughts and long reflections, I’m not sitting with a pencil and paper or a computer screen and keyboard. Instead I am where I think the most clearly: Outdoors, on the road, inspired by the world that I would be blogging about. I have written probably over 100 blog entries – just not on paper, but in my head. So instead of the classic blog style, I have decided to share an alternative interpretation: The titles of a selection of these never-scripted blog entries. I hope between them they bring insight, curiosity, and reflection.

  • My love for this country runs deeper than words
  • “Safety first!” (From police)
  • Development and environmental degradation: Can the former exist without the latter?
  • Concentrating in the heat or concentrating on the heat?
  • The significance of the working/learning/living environment
  • How much of another culture can we truly understand?
  • The whole country is up in flames
  • Whatever you do, please don’t get married
  • Rule #1: Follow the rules. Rule #2: Never ask the rules
  • I was set up for failure
  • The genderless position of the outsider
  • I was afraid of having to leave before I even arrived
  • Feeling sick is the norm
  • Heart and mind divided between two worlds
  • We hate to admit it, but money is connected to almost everything we do
  • Take theory, apply to context, experience reality, repeat.
  • The stories that never get told
  • The silently screaming housewife
  • The fear of being labeled a tourist
  • The connection of someone from home coming here
  • You can take a buffalo to water, but you can’t force it to drink
  • My love for words that cannot be translated
  • Living proof of who the news is written by
  • Where do I live? Nowhere and everywhere
  • What everybody is talking about, and nobody is dealing with
  • Is education false hope?
  • Who has higher expectations: The insider or the outsider?
  • The line (or lack there of) between work and personal life
  • The Laos I knew in 2010, and the Laos I know now

And so, so, so many more!



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